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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Confessions Of A Dangerous Mutt

Aloha. Jeremy invited me to be a part of this fun little endeavor, and due to the many responsibilities to which I must devote my time- I willingly signed on. Since Dave is in the backseat, I guess I’ll be claiming shotgun. This is appropriate because not only do I own a really nice shotgun, but I’m 6’5” and have dibs for life on all front passenger seats (the whole leg room thing). Not to mention I am one of the founding members and bass player of the progressive garage rock cover band from which this blog’s title is derived. I assure you these are my only qualifications, as my intellectual capabilities fall far short of the other mutts in this forum. Although, I am much louder than the both of them, and probably more argumentative, so I’ve got that going for me… which is nice.

My own interests are about as wide and varied as anyone here. They include Christianity, philosophy, surfing, literature, beer, and figuring out a way to not have to work for a living. I am Reformed in my theology, a Reagan conservative, and wish I was a classicist in the mold of CS Lewis. I like to think of myself as a version of Laird Hamilton carrying a copy of Augustine’s City of God in his board shorts.

The three of us enjoyed our college years together and spent many late nights on our balcony enjoying fine tobacco, pondering aloud, our voices crashing through the wispy haze with critiques of culture, thoughts on the Divine, and whatever else coursed through our elevated minds. Basically, I think that what one finds here will be much the same. And while sometimes our ruminations may take us off the beaten path, one will discover that the love of Truth and the magnification of God’s Sovereignty over the cosmos and the heart of man, are the unifying themes of even our most random picking of nits.

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