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Saturday, July 22, 2006

The Devil's Not the Only One Wearing Prada!

The ordination of women has really allowed the Anglican church to demonstrate the superiority of specialized pastoral care that only women can provide. Case in point: Rev. Joanna Jepson. Rev. Jepson has been appointed as the chaplain of the London College of Fashion.

The London Telegraph has the whole story. Apparantly, the move has already had an effect:
Frances Corner, the college head, said that the move reflected a more holistic approach to education. She hoped that the unusual combination of fashion and religion would help to break down prejudices and misconceptions.

"It is important to highlight that fashion is more than just clothes," she said. "The industry can be seen as being just about how tall and skinny you are, but there's more to life than just how you look. Fashion should be able to make you feel good, and spirituality can have the same role. I want to show people that fashion has a serious side, too."

Nothing like feeling good while looking good. What could possibly be wrong with that?

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  • I'd hate to be the typical, brainless, girl-crazy college guy, but that's what I am. Did you ever notice that a LOT of female ministers are REAL ugly? Just saying, there has to be some sort of corrolation there. The only exception is that I've run into some CRC ministers who range from decent to hot-for-an-old-(old-meaning-older-than me)-lady.

    Since I'm rather "high church" in my worship views, I'd make a suggestion that parishes should return to more chant, like they do in the RCC churches. Since I've worked at an Episcopal church with a female pastor, my reasoning is that if more people heard a woman with a bad voice trying to chant, they'd stop allowing female pastors. After that job, it's now my contention that the best argument for male-only pastorship is the fact that if a man has a bad voice, it doesn't burn your ears off.

    By Blogger Gavin, at 9:24 AM  

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