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Monday, March 19, 2007

Seminary for the Rest of Us

As some of you know, I have been attending the Academy at our sister church, Christ Reformed in Anaheim, over the past few months. Since I'm a normal working stiff, I have neither the time nor the money to attend seminary, so this is the next best thing (and, probably, a great bit less stressful than seminary, too). And, best of all, they're kind enough to offer this to the public for a nominal ($5) suggested donation.

Hey, what else did you think a happenin' bachelor like me would be doing on a Friday night?

Anyone who is interested in enriching their lives by digging deeper into God's Word should come down on Friday nights (or, if you are outside of Southern California, you can download the lectures here) and be blessed by the lectures and enjoy the fellowship of us fellow theology geeks over coffee afterwards.

As you can see in the picture above, Pastor Kim was kind enough to arm me with his Case for Amillennialism at this last week's Academy session so that I could be prepared to counter the recent blogospheric bru-ha-ha over the pre-mill/a-mill eschatology debate. My own library, while formidable, didn't include any volumes devoted to the subject (while being touched on, in briefer treatments, in the various systematic theology tomes I own). He even was willing to sign his propaganda for me. So now my copy of the book has the much-coveted Second Blessing. Perhaps even physical healing and financial blessing will result just from reading it.

Ken Samples, pictured below, is a scholar and a vice-president at Reasons to Believe, as well as being a licensed exhorter in the URC at Christ Reformed Church. He is currently finishing off his section on Augustine. Be sure to download the audio if you've missed the past sections. Next up will be Dr. Riddlebarger lecturing on the New Perspective on Paul. I'm sure he won't have anything controversial or provocative to say about that sort of business.

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  • The Reformers and Saint Augustine...Being in friendly territory here, I can advocate the reading of St. Augustine. The too consistent monergism/synergism debate between us reformation types and our more synergistic Evangelical brethren is itself good reason for both we and they to dig into his writings, especially contra the Pelagians. Would that God would show us all more of our depravity that the root of synergism of all sorts might be destroyed. From true ministers in true visible Churches, Gospel and Sacraments preached and administered ought to open our eyes to just that! The resident High Church Calvinist!

    By Blogger CB in Ca, at 6:13 PM  

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