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Monday, November 14, 2005

The "Blight on Christendom" of the Week is Dave Hunt

Dave Hunt has worked hard to earn the honor of being this week's "Blight on Christendom", by spending the last couple years embarrassing himself in his illiterate and inept attacks on Calvinism. "But anyone can do that" you say? Not like he does. Dave has recently set himself apart by his devolution into hyper-Arminianism, believing that those who came to Christ through Calvinistic teaching to be damned:

Those who only know the false gospel of Calvinism are not saved, while those who are saved and ought to know better but teach these heresies will be judged for doing so.
September 2005 Berean Call Newsletter

The gist is that Dave thinks you're saved only if you converted to Calvinism after you were already a Christian. Tough luck for those who came to Christ through the "false gospel" of Calvinism. On a personal note, this does put me in the clear, so I can wipe the sweat off my brow in relief, having been converted to Calvinism after being a Christian for years.

Most people are already aware of his horrid What Love is This? tome against Calvinism, which I have the misfortune of owning, and the subsequent refutation of his errors by many, although most prominently Dr. James White both in the blogosphere and in their co-authored debate book Debating Calvinism. To say that Hunt is unteachable is an understatement. His polemics against Calvinism have gone beyond voicing honest disagreement with his brethren to spouting slanderous lies, indefensibly and irresponsibly mishandling the Word of God, and demonizing brothers in Christ. I don't doubt that Hunt is sincere, but that's the part that scares me. It takes alot of self-deception to prop up this kind of radical willful ignorance. Hunt needs to be called to repentance with brotherly love and firmness, and we must be vigilant to protect people from being led astray by his teachings by never tiring in our refutation of his obnoxious, persistent, and highly-influential errors.

This is an especially personal issue for me, having witnessed one of my good friends from church, my old backpacking buddy, a man who was instrumental in introducing me to the Doctrines of Grace, abandon the Reformed faith after the initial publication of What Love is This? It was truly sad to watch this (from a distance) and I lament the fact that I didn't make it more of a point to keep in contact with him when he moved away. I shudder to think how many more like him have been taken in by Hunt's nonsense. Do not doubt that Hunt will continue to broadcast his radio show, publish his newsletter, and book speaking engagements at almost every Calvary Chapel in the nation preaching against the Reformed faith for as many years as he has left in his life.

Hat tip to the Calvinist Gadfly for pointing me to the Hunt article.

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