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Saturday, December 03, 2005

I Love My Job

As most of my friends know, I am an engineer for a company that makes unmanned air vehicles (UAV). They do cool things, like blow up Al Qaeda terrorists: It warms my heart. Read the article, and watch the video, friends.

The cover story is that this Al Qaeda #3 guy was just sorta clumsy and blew himself up in his house while trying to make a bomb to do some dastardly terrorist operation with. Funny enough, those Pakistani villagers in the above photo found a piece of American-made Hellfire missile at the site. The same Hellfires that Predator UAVs happen to carry.

Hellfires were originally designed as helicopter-launched anti-tank missiles, and they would have no problem destroying a typical Pakistani house.

I haven't worked on Predator, although I am currently working on some of Predator's sibling aircraft (don't get excited, its all unclassified stuff). It is cool to see these sorts of results, and I can only give glory to God that I can make my own small contribution to what Doug Wilson calls "the important work of violence."


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