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Friday, November 18, 2005

War and Reconstruction

I wish the Prez would offer a speech writing position to Victor Davis Hanson that he couldn't refuse . Read War and Reconstruction by VDH.

I was also reading about one of our previous Presidents when "during the Civil War, Lincoln exercised powers no previous president had wielded...." Having suspended habeas corpus he "frequently imprisoned accused Southern spies and sympathizers without trial." As the story goes, Lincoln deemed journalists who were undermining the war effort as sympathizers with the enemy, locked them in the holds of ships, and let them float out the war on the Potomac. Wouldn't it be nice if the Prez could get away with sending troops with cattle prods into MSNBC, the NYT, and Manhatten cocktail parties, round up all the sympathizers, lock them into the hold of the USS Ronald Reagan, and let them float out the war in the Gulf of Mexico? In my mind's ear I can hear their muffled cries of "Facism!" from behind a foot of steel hull as they sail out to sea, leaving only the murmuring of grasshoppers and the whirring of unencumbered grown ups...


  • Sadly, Lincoln's actions were the beginning of the end of the Great Experiment known as the United States. Ever since we have ceased to be a union of independant sovreign states and have all manner of unconstitutional nonsense foisted upon us (see just about ever bill in Congress and see the 10th ammendment to the Constitution).

    Such behavior should not be emulated by our current president nor should it be applauded.

    By Blogger Re4med, at 7:23 PM  

  • Well, we haven't "ceased to be a union of independent sovereign states", but I certainly agree about the unconstitutional nonsense. The problem as I see it is that as a country, we permit our politicians and judges to act in ways inconsistent to our identity. That is why I am a conservative. Otherwise I could be a libertarian, but that is looking back and seeing a vastly suspect interpretation of what the Great Experiment was intended to be.

    As far as Lincoln's actions were concerned- I don't see the problem. If someone's actions and words are undermining the position of the United States, those actions are seditious and treasonous and those who commit them should be locked up until their contributions are no longer a threat. We are currently doing that very thing with terrorists at Guatanomo Bay and other prisons all over the world. If you have a problem with those imprisonments, than you are unreasonable and not worthy of further response. To suggest there isn't an element of the American press working intently to besmirch the United States, and undo our foreign policy and objectives is resolute denial. Clearly this is the case, and those who are guilty should be prosectued. Lincoln, of course, didn't have the resources that are presently available, so the holds of ships had to do. But, I think treason is treason, and it cowardly of those in the press who qualify to hide in the bunker of free speech while lobbing grenades at their country men and claiming their hatred of America is "true patriotism."

    Simple analogy. I am a teacher. If I have student who is loudly disrupting my class in a way that is undermining my goals for the day, I remove him. Class returns to normal and we proceed towards my objective. If I had not acted, the distruption would have spread, and the goals and obejtives of my lesson plan unfullfilled.

    By Blogger Garet Pahl, at 4:54 PM  

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