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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Where I'm at Right Now

I'm pretty stoked at this point--little did I know.
Continuing on the recent spate of narcissistic posts, I had a great adventure ride on Saturday. My father and I rode through the hills of Aguanga, CA on a quest to reach Warner Springs. We know the route pretty well, but we never made it. We were turned back due to...SNOW! For those of you in colder climes, snow in our part of Southern California is about as rare as, say, a sunny day in Britain.

Riding in the snow was surprisingly hard. It is a little like riding in sand. A good deal of throttle gets the bike on top and prevents knifing around. Unlike sand, there are ruts and rocks hidden underneath it. Going fast enough to prevent general instability pretty much ensures crashing when the inevitable rut grabs the front wheel. I'm sure there's a great metaphor in it somewhere, but I enjoyed it too much to kill it with analysis. We thought better of our planned 70 mile ride and just focused on survival. We bailed out at the ranch and then headed home, defeated but happy.

The trusty steeds.
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