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Monday, August 07, 2006

Trinity Fest--Day 0

Dave and I have made it up to Moscow and experienced Christ Church for ourselves. I've got to get to Trinity Fest in about an hour, but I wanted to post a bit about what I've seen of the Potato Militia.

I don't think anyone doubts Douglas Wilson's status as a controversy magnet, but I don't think that he is a publicity hound like a few internet denizens I shan't name. Rather, like Huckleberry Finn, he was "born for trouble." The service at Christ Church was a liturgical decathalon that left me exhausted, but edified. I can't recall when I have heard better music sung more boistrously by the congregation.

The really impressive thing about yesterday was the hospitality we were shown by the church. A very nice guy called Dave introduced us to some other guys who took us to lunch, showed us around, and were generally cool people. They were even nice to us after they found out we were from California.

Dave has been in theology geek heaven. If you want to have an theological argument, and money is no option, Moscow, ID is your place. To narrow it down a bit, the excellent coffee at Bucer's will keep you wired and spouting five-syllable words late into the night.

All of the very sharp folks we've met have disagreed with us (well, Dave mostly) in the most cheerful manner you could ask. They're probably the only people I know who will make sure that you get enough to eat while you're taking them to task about the Federal Vision (all Dave).

The concert last night was the best choral music I can remember hearing. The conductor (whose name escapes me at the moment)has created arrangements of the Psalms that deserve to be sung in your church (even you, Baptist boy).

Oh, and there is absolutely no evidence of a doomsday device called "Project Bahnsen." Just a nasty rumor. Move along.

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