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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Sinterklaas and Piet.  I know it looks bad, but it's just a Dutch thing.
I have enjoyed taking a break from the blog to enjoy Christmas. I have also wondered why we haven't been getting any traction with our posts. Instead of just blaming Dave, I decided to look at the competition. Douglas Wilson is way smarter and funnier than us. Probably not much we can do about that. Phillip Johnson has a crazy, cult like following. While my goatee is second to none, I must not have the sort of drink-the-Koolade animal magnetism that he does. When I got to Frank Turk's Centuri0n, the answer hit me.

Instead of relying on his good looks, Mr. Turk takes on hard-hitting, controversial issues of the day. Like Santa Claus. His defense of the the Jolly One drew 70 comments at last count. Prepare yourselves in the weeks to come for the most important issue since Arius and Athanasius: Easter Bunny--Friend or Foe?

The only thing I have to add about Santa is that in Holland, there's a sort of "Santa Day" (I'm sure it's St. Nicholas's day on the Church calendar) on which the commercial holiday festivities are celebrated. On December 25th, the focus is solely on Christ. This seems like a most excellent arrangement. Santa is also smarter in Holland. He brings along a helper called "Black Pete" who does the actual dirty work of going down the chimneys.

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  • I agree, but with Cent,the majority of those comments are his own responses to regulars who also commented numerous times. There are about four commentors in total not including him.

    And with Phil Johnson, the inception of his blog was much anticipated and advertised by many of the Reform bloggers out there already. Our blog wasn't even anticipated by us.

    By Blogger Garet Pahl, at 5:44 PM  

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