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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Death of Adam: A Story In Parts (1)


Gasping for breath with trembling lungs, Adam broke through from the watery darkness into wistfully reflected daylight and inhaled painful daggers of icy air. Through the ringing in his ears pressed echoing cries of distress that reverberated over the frigidly stormy sea.

Adam had been wearing fashionable blue jeans, a sweat shirt and a pair of boots. He had torn the boots off in panic as he drifted downward into the abyss, and now labored against the water-laden clothes that tried to pull him into certain death. Every sinew of his body convulsed as it was gripped more deeply by the cold. With gnarled hands and feet he rent the clothes that bound him like a straightjacket. Free from the chains that had insulated his state; in his nakedness the cold compressed his lungs, limiting him to shallow, hopeless breaths. Stiff limbed and losing consciousness, Adam feebly fought for some stable substance to seize hold of. Among the flotsam and jetsam he clawed at a crooked limb of driftwood, and then a thick bramble of branches, neither did a thing for his situation as they sunk under his mass.

The cries of distress slowly diminished as Adam drifted into the inky blackness. Dying, unable to save him self, Adam resisted his fate, fighting with every ounce of strength against the buffeting waves, denying the inevitability of the situation. His mind fell into fuzzy reminiscing of banal experience, and taking a final breath faded into a numb death sleep. Small, sapless and purpled pale, his lifeless form flowed with the moon entranced movement of the deep. And as the pulse of the internal machinations of his person came to rest, Adam knew only the dull sound of lapping liquidity.

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