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Monday, April 03, 2006

Feelings, Nothing More than Feeeeeelllllinngs.

Does God speak to you directly? Not through a burning bush, but through the still, small voice of your emotions? Or does He give you signs?

I'm not going to say He can't, but I have my doubts that He does. Before shut down (the sad reasons can be found here), they published a most excellent article by Bruce Waltke on this very topic. Through the magic of The Wayback Machine, Antithesis, though it is dead, still speaks. Here is a taste:
Far too many Christians rely on faulty logic to divine the will of God. Their thinking goes like this: "God has a plan, and therefore He intends that I find it.' That is a non sequitur, a conclusion that cannot logically follow the premise. Simply because God has a plan does not mean that He necessarily has any intention of sharing it with you; as a matter of fact the message of Job is in part that the Lord in His sovereignty may allow terrible things to happen to you, and you may never know why.

Now read the whole thing.

Category: Theoblogia


  • Somewhat related anecdote... I chose my college based on a coin flip. It was down to college A or B. Had to make a decision that day. Flipped a quarter twice. Both times it came up the same. Went to that school.

    Sign or chance? Either way it worked out, but I think God used that coin.

    By Blogger Greg, at 7:54 PM  

  • But how did you narrow it down to two? Methinks you used the sense that God gave you. If you tell me you made a list of every college in the US and used darts, I will pray for you.

    By Blogger Jeremy Felden, at 11:10 AM  

  • As a full blown charismatic Christian, one who still believe in Prophecy etc, of course God still speaks to us today, in the way scripture states he does.

    Back in 98 when I was praying for what college to go to, God spoke to me beside a chip machine on a railway station.

    He said, "Put your money in and Iwill provide for you" and there was no one around. I had 40cents and needed 50cents for a pkt of chips. So I did, and of course the machine rejected that amount. However, when i hit the reject button, the money came out of the machine and landed in a little drain in front of it, and in it was the extra 10 cents I needed.

    I put my money in and retrieved my pkt of twisties and again God spoke to me, saying where I was going that night, was the college he wanted me to go to, and just as he had provided the chips for me, he would provide for all our needs. (I was recently married)

    And God did indeed provide all our needs in an amzing way, and in many many ways it was proven that was the college to go to, such as a mate I made friends with both his wife and mine had our first born on the same day in the first year of college, and we were able to be a great support to one another.

    Blessings craig b

    By Blogger craig, at 10:38 PM  

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