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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Trinity Fest--Day 1

Why is the Trinity Fest logo a toucan? I will know!

What can I say about our hosts? They have been gracious throughout and shown true hospitality. I shall post more on this later.

We began our session with some great hymns that I didn't know. I asked them if we could sing "Shine, Jesus, Shine." I learned to listen and enjoy the harmonies.

The first speaker was Steven Wilkins. He spoke about the Great Awakenings. He acknowledged that the Awakenings did lead to conversions, but in the process, the revivalists impugned good ministers of the gospel as "unconverted" and made a crisis conversion experience the norm. Pastor Wilkins cracked wise about the Auburn Avenue controversy, noting that his church was on a street that seems to get people upset for some reason. Throughout, he challenged the popular conception of being "born again" as an emotional response.

Douglas Wilson was next to speak. He described the Federalist/Anti-Federalist controversy. He made it very clear that he sympathized with Patrick Henry. He argued that had Patrick Henry not insisted on the Bill of Rights, our liberties would have eroded even faster than they did.

Wilkins took the stage again and gave an excellent biography and evaluation of George Whitefield. While Whitefield was incredibly charismatic and effective in his ministry, he also denounced other ministers as unconverted. Whitefield also made it clear, through open air preaching, that the local church was not necessary in the believer's life. Whitefield repented of many of his actions later in life.

The end of the day was spent at St. Brigid's Feast. Some excellent Idaho BBQ and even better pie was a nice end to the day. Yes, they did sell beer at the picnic. No, no one was swallowed up by the ground. After the picnic, some headed off to a big square dance. We considered playing cards just to complete the fundamentalist triathalon, but it had already been a long day.
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